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             Sherry S.

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Why Celeste' Pure HCG?

*Our HCG program will not only strip off the pounds without grueling exercises but even reshape your body to give you that AWESOME figure you deserve!

*Our TOTAL HCG program goes beyond what anyone else offers online in a THREE PART program for the absolutely most powerful & FASTEST weight lose program ever developed!

*No harmful side effects. In fact, the program is GREAT for your health!

             WORKS FOR ALL AGES 18 to 80!

(For under age 18 you must obtain parental permission. Tell them losing weight IS HEALTHY!)

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The best thing about the HCG Diet? You'll feel GREAT!

"I'm short (5') and even prescriptions failed as I hit 189 lbs. Seriously, I had over half a dozen prescriptions I was taking! Not working. Friends avoided me. I previously was in movies and commercials but they stopped calling.
I was frantic and becoming reclusive. THIS HCG diet protocol changed everything. I lost NINE dress sizes and went down to 117 pounds. It completely turned my life around. I did it with the HCG diet. If I could do it, so can you!"

Avoid the Fakes!

Did you know that MANY of the sellers of HCG are FAKES? They fake who they are and try to rip you off. Here's what to look out for!

Don't be fooled by COPYCAT websites and fake doctor's pictures. Don't be ripped off by single stage programs that DON'T WORK!

How your HCG Diet works...

 Pure HCG Total Weight lose program is FAST because it gives you ALL tools for success, not just a single and overpriced protocol.

Just one solution like others offer DOESN'T WORK! It takes a THREE PART supplemental solution to:
1. End the appetite
2. Maximize your own body's power natural nature to burn off fast and
3. To add even more weight burn off power.

Why? Because YOU want to lose extra pounds ASAP!

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Celeste' Pure HCG Total Weight-Loss Kits is THE choice of over 1,000 professional weight-loss clinics, doctors and health professionals!  Thousands of HCG kits bought by health professionals and 100,000+ by people just like you - because word gets around. We hope to put the creepy affiliate sellers with slick (or copycat) websites selling just a little dropper bottle of mostly just water and alcohol OUT OF BUSINESS! At least we can inform you what to watch out for.

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Over the last few months, Internet marketing companies have flooded the Internet with fake and junk "HCG." They will make any claims to sell you what is essentially bottles with only water and alcohol in it. It has 0.0000001% HCG in it, they put that on the label. Their websites look 100% legitimate, but what they are selling is not. Their testimonials are fake and the claims are FALSE.

How to spot the fakes. They USED to use fake doctors photos. We at Celeste' finally mostly succeeded in exposing that and most quit doing so. We're glad we final shut that mostly down. Unfortunately, most just changed their websites (and some their company names) - figuring new deceptions and tricks to sell bottles of essentially nothing that they label "HCG."

Now their #1 gimmick is to try to convince you they are legitimate by falsely claiming that their HCG is F.D.A. approved. Doesn't that sound impressive? If the F.D.A. approved a drug, it must be good. But such a claim is 100% exactly FALSE.

Anyone can post a picture of an F.D.A. certificate. Ask them for any link to any independent government website that the F.D.A. has approved their diet HCG? They can't do it. We can state that with certainty because it has NEVER happened.

The F.D.A. rarely approves of ANY non-prescription drug. The F.D.A. has never approved of H.C.G. for dieting or any other health usage. Any company that attempts to portray their HCG product is F.D.A. approved is a fraud.

This is the #1 way to spot a professional marketing fraud website: RUN - DON'T WALK - from any website trying to convince you that their HCG is F.D.A. approved. Anyone can put up a picture of an F.D.A. certificate. The FACT is that the F.D.A. has NEVER put HCG on their approved drug list in general or for any business.

Second, be very wary of "money back guarantees." That is the other tip-off to professional HCG scam websites.

Do drug stores give money back guarantees on prescription drugs or any other over-the-counter drug? Some companies offer money back guarantees because the bottles labeled HCG they sell for $50 to $100 actually don't have 3 cents of ingredients. So for those willing to jump through all the hoops and hurdles they require (like having filled out a daily analysis form) and waited 90 DAYS! then you might get your money back - unless they changed their company name.

Do you want to WASTE 90 DAYS on junk - just to then fight to try to get your money back? How frustrating would that be?! Do you even believe you'd ever get your money back?

Most of those HCG fraud websites change their company names, website appearance, and claims every couple of months. They look professional and legitimate, but they are not. They make piles of money selling junk, then just start another website and company name before having to give everyone their money back or getting maybe sued.

The reason over 1000 diet clinics, doctors and professionals - plus over 100,000 people like you - pick Celeste' is because our products are legitimate and because they actually work


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and they probably charge more $$ too!
        Maybe that's to pay for their fake doctors' costumes & affiliate MLM sales fees.
(and Celeste's HCG is MANY times more concentrated too - check out the details of Celeste's TOTAL FAST WEIGHT LOSE KIT!)

Did you know...

A couple months ago Walgreens began offering the same "Oral HCG drops" from the same company that makes the "HCG drops" for over 75% of what the scam-marketers offer on the Internet. Each Internet marketing company puts their own label on it as if a different real company. The company making it also sells online claiming they are F.D.A. approved, the largest seller of HCG drops, offer money-back guarantees and have raving (fake) testimonials. Most marking HCG on the Internet are selling exactly the same nothing-product!

After testing it, Walgreen's found there was ZERO HCG in the bottles and pulled it all from their shelves. Walgreens should be congratulated for this!

There are warnings all over the Internet of this scam. BUT the marketing companies put SO MUCH MONEY into advertising (sponsored searches) they buy the top of the search engines so far down that few people ever see the warnings.

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                        BEWAREWHAT TO BEWARE OF ONLINE!  - BEWARE

They are not free at all. They want your credit card number. Then if you don't return it within so many days, they take a huge amount of money out of your bank account. Some will take it out every month. It is a terrible trick and rip-off. Nothing is 'FREE" if they want your ATM/Credit card number.

PLEASE don't fall for that! RUN from those websites. They want YOU to agree to pay them $5, $7, $10 a month - forever - to be given the privilege of being on their forum. Sometimes they'll claim it is then 24/7 live support. What is it really? 24/7 trying to sell you other stuff - and YOU pay for THEIR sales pitch to you month after month, year after year.
THAT'S CRAZY! Every month they take money from YOUR bank account for YOU paying them to try to sell you gobs of other stuff! Mostly they are trying to sell you junk. You can save hundreds of dollars just buying the complete hcg kit from us - for less than they want just for the hcg - and their's isn't even close to as concentrated or effective.
NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from a website that wants you to pay ANY monthly fee even if just a few dollars. It's an awful scam. YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY EVERY MONTH TO GET MORE OF THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS for other products do you? - and that is what it really is!


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